Green Screen Movie FX

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Now you have the power of a Hollywood special effects studio in your pocket (well, almost!).

The app gives you the ability to use an special effect known as Chroma Key or Green Screen in a simple, fun and quick way. Simply select multiple colors in the viewfinder by tapping the screen and instantly replace it with a video or picture of your choice.

Imagine replacing the sky with a scene from space showing a planet spinning or changing the view out of your window into Niagara Falls.

Green Screen lets you create special movie effects and instantly share and show off your video creations on Facebook, Dropbox, Twitter, email and others.

The app comes with the following videos built in:

o Group of hot air balloons in flight
o Spectacular water fountain display from Las Vegas
o Tranquil beach with palm tree rustling in the breeze
o Flying through clouds especially for super hero movies!
o View of the earth rotating through space
o Slow motion fire explosion
o Amazing firework show
o Cloudy mountain – amaze your friends with your climbing prowess
o Niagara Falls
o Paris with the Eiffel tower in the background
o A plane taking off from an airport
o Forest Mountain scene
o South Beach Los Angeles with life guard hut

As well as built in videos, you can also import videos & pictures of your own. Amaze your friends by appearing in a starring role alongside your favorite movie or pop star. Or show them your holiday to the seven wonders of the world without actually having been there.

App Features:
o Real time compositing of videos / images with iPhone video camera.
o Use rear or front camera.
o 13 in-built effects videos
o Use you own videos / photos from the iPhone camera roll.
o Import movie clips from iTunes.
o Change the amount of background color replaced live with tolerance slider
o Choose up to 3 different colors to replace with green screen fx.
o Fine turn the chroma key’s red, green, blue values
o Record videos and share them straight to Facebook, Dropbox, email, iPhone gallery
o Highly customizable options including capture resolution, chroma match quality, camera focus mode
o Choose from Best Quality (multiple chroma key points) or Best FPS (one chroma key point) in Settings

Praise for Green Screen:
“You know those big, blockbuster Hollywood movies that use “green screens” to make actors look like they’re somewhere they aren’t? Now, for $1.99 Apple fans can take advantage of a similar feature…”

“Does Green Screen Movie FX offer enough quality to warrant the two dollar price-tag? And the answer is—certainly! The app offers the best chroma keying I’ve seen on a mobile device…”

“Once you’ve finished your composite, you can easily share it in a number of ways. Good stuff!”

Enjoy and amaze your friend and family.

To see it in action and more detail watch this video:

Works great on the iPad2!

7 comments on “Green Screen Movie FX
  1. Sam says:

    When any non-keyed out colour enters the screen, the greenscreen becomes visible

    • admin says:


      Have you tried moving the chroma strength selector at the bottom of the view finder? Or use a different color?


  2. venus says:

    having trouble with the sound…screen works only sometimes but for some reason no sound is recorded. someone please offer advice!

  3. John in JAX says:

    Good Morning From Jacksonville Florida!

    Building the next video and was thinking I would like a “Jump” function.

    I am finding that selecting the Tween points is at times challenging and does not work as expected.
    I have a screen where “MY FX” enters left side and moves to the right side in about 15secs. When it reaches the right edge the background changes and I need it to be on the left side (Jump) of the next scene. I will trim the two scenes later for a smooth transition.

  4. John in JAX says:

    Good Morning From Jacksonville Florida!

    I like the Tween points and the fact that I can move an FX from one point to the next. In actual practice I am finding my FX speed is not consistent if I add more than three points.

    I suggest there could be a Way Point function. After selecting the Start and Finish Tween points. Add a feature that installs additional points between Tween 1 and the last Tween. The final effect is the FX moves fluidly at the same rate through the scene.

    John in JAX

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