Update for Green Screen Movie FX in the works

Just because a new app is on it’s way doesn’t mean I’m not hard at work on my existing apps.

iPhone 5 support to Green Screen Movie FX and fixes for some small glitches on recording on iPhone5 and a new FX video.

Update: the new release had been submitted to the App Store.

2 comments on “Update for Green Screen Movie FX in the works
  1. Andrea says:


    This app looks great so far! I’m currently in the process of teaching my grade 4/5 class about green screens and they are creating a screen play. I would love to use your app with them; however I would like the ability to use a (hand drawn and then digitally scanned) image as a background. Even if we could use photos from the Camera roll as backgrounds that would be awesome!

    Also is there a way of combining a couple video clips into one project to make a slightly bigger one? (Different scenes?)

    • admin says:


      I am planning to start work on importing custom backgrounds soon.

      At the moment there is no way to combine multiple projects together (may do in the future) at the moment I would recommend sharing the clips to the camera roll then using iMovie or Pinnacle on iPad to combine them and add titles etc



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